Owl City Review

If you have recently heard an upbeat New Wave electronic pop song with some uncommon lyrics, you were most likely listening to Owl City.  Adam Young is the only member of this group. He started recording in his parents’ basement, and is now with Universal Republic.

His  most recent album is Ocean Eyes,  which includes the hit song “Fireflies.” (See posted video). In Canada, it is currently number 13, and in the US it is number 7. Being from Seattle, it would only make sense for Owl City to be slightly more popular in the US. (Since I first posted this blog, they have actually gone up to number 1!)

You’re probably wondering why I am so obsessed with Owl City. What isn’t to like? Owl City has an upbeat, unique vibe that makes you want to move. His fantastic voice draws you in, and his electronic beats keep you there! His style has been compared to The Postal Service, and male version of Lights. When you hear Owl City, you can’t help but smile!

For more information on this great musical adventure, head over to Owl City’s website.

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  1. moviefan says:

    Brilliant blog, I hadn’t noticed milieus.wordpress.com before in my searches!
    Continue the great work!

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