A Chorus Line

One singular sensation, every little step she takes. One thrilling combination, every move that she makes.”

That epic line from A Chorus Line sums up the famous musical very well. Last night was the opening of the Broadway Across Canada production of “A Chorus Line” at The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts, and it was indeed a singular sensation. Every step the performers took was perfect and beautiful. The acting, the singing, and the dancing were all so fantastic that I never wanted the musical to end.

All of the acting is quite good. However, one performance stuck in my mind the most. Joey Dudding as Paul has a wonderful performance. He tells his story with so much passion. I could feel his pain and sadness in a way that is usually reserved for close friends.

The weakest point, while still be very strong, is the singing. Every actor is a great singer, but there were a few who’s voices did not blend as well during company songs. Oddly, my favourite singer was Julie Kotarides as Diana, who was actually an understudy for the part. I can’t imagine a different person in that role, as she was perfect.

Since A Chorus Line is a musical that tells the story of a bunch of dancers, it is only to be expected that the dancing would be amazing. The performers and choreographers do not disappoint the audience. Through dance, the audience gets yet another glimpse into the personalities of the characters. Some characters are better at dancing than others, and the performers do a great job of portraying that without seeming as though the actors are bad dancers. The best dancer, in my opinion, is Mindy Dougherty as Val. I am not really sure why, but she always drew my eyes. Her technique is beautiful. She is a perfect example of portraying character through dance. My favourite dance sequence- I realize it is cliche to say this- is the final performance of “One.” The dancers are perfectly in sync. As a dancer, I know how difficult that is, as you are only as strong as your weakest dancer. The audience finally gets to see the chorus line that the characters were auditioning for. It is a big bang of a finale to end a wonderful show.

The show only runs until November 8, so go get tickets right now! After Vancouver, the show will be in Edmonton November 10-15. After you see it, report back to me and let me know what you think. Did I love it too much? Maybe I was blinded by the flashing lights. What is your opinion?Chorus Line


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