Lights Concert Review

Lights Sign
"Lights" Photo by KC Milieu

Disclaimer: The following blog is biased. I, the author, believe that the artist in this review cannot do anything wrong. This is my opinion, and everyone should have the same viewpoint!

Since the moment I first heard the unique sounds of the song “Drive My Soul,” I have been in love with music of Lights. I immediately got her EP and started watching all of her video blogs.

Just under a year ago, Lights had a concert in Vancouver. Of course, I went and dragged my room mate along. She ended up having a blast!

Now that her new CD “The Listening” has come out, she is touring again. Her first stop in Canada was Vancouver. I managed to convince my boyfriend who hates concerts to join me. Once there, he got into the right mood.It helped that we were in the front!

The opening band, Jets Overhead, had an individual sound. My boyfriend new a couple of their songs, and one sounded vaguely familiar to me. They were definitely talented, but I was not swept away. I know I would have enjoyed it more if I knew more songs, or if I wasn’t so anxious to see Lights!

When Lights finally came onstage, the crowd cheered with mass excitement. One thing that is undeniable is that Lights has very devoted fans. Her album features her own midi recordings- written and performed by her. When on tour, she has two musicians join her because, as amazing as she is, she does not have 8 arms. Of course, her super cool keytar was there for her too!

I was once again blown away by her stage presence. For someone so tiny, she has so much personality and such a strong voice. She performed all of the songs from her new album, as well as an encore of  covers. Lights knows how to work an audience. Everyone feels as though she is singing directly to them. As a special treat, the audience got to watch some scenes from “Audio Quest: A Captain Lights Adventure” on the big screen. She said that this was her first time doing this in a show, which kind of made us Vancouverites feel special!

Usually after I go to a concert, I lose interest in the artist. In this case, I only fell more in love with Lights and her music. Even my concert-hating boyfriend had a wonderful time, and has been talking about the concert with everyone he sees. Go here to see if she is performing in your area and to buy tickets. If you like good music, fun times, and beautiful musicians, you will enjoy her concert. If you can’t make it to a concert, definitely buy her CD!

(PS: The pictures were taken on my BlackBerry. Sorry for the low quality.)

Lights Singing
"Lights Singing" photo by KC Milieu

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