15 Reasons to Shout “Oh Canada!”

With the spirit of the upcoming Olympics making their mark all around Vancouver, I thought I would write about our wonderful country. I am proud to be Canadian. Many people say that Canadians define their culture by what they aren’t- we aren’t American, we don’t drink crappy beer that tastes like water, we don’t live in igloos. I believe that Canadians are so much more than that. We have all seen the commercial for Molson Canadian beer with the guy that lists off everything that makes us Canadian. The commercial makes us proud to be Canadian. We all have our own lists. Here, I will provide my list of what makes me proud to be Canadian!

1.We pronounce it “zed,” not “zee.” We also know how to spell. Ie: C-o-l-o-u-r. T-h-e-a-t-r-e.
2.We wear toques, not beanies. (Beanies are those silly hates with propellers on them!)
3. We know how to live in every type of climate… and do it on a regular basis.
4. We know how to cook bacon on anything that emits heat.
5. We have our own kind of bacon.
6. Our beer is actually really good.
7. Red Green… enough said!
8. Cadbury is Canadian.
9. A Canadian invented the Electric Cooking Range. (Perfect for number 4!)
10. The Gramophone, heart pacemaker, Stanley Cup, TV, phone, Walkie Talkie, and zipper were all invented by Canadians!
11. We know how to deal with snow. To prove this, Canadians invented the snowblower, and snowmobile.
12. Many cultures from all over the world mix together to create one awesome culture!
13. The scenery! We have praries, mountains, rainforests, oceans, and of course our unique territories!
14. We are the world’s second largest country.
15. Canadians are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet!

A Taste of Home: Image by KC Milieu

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