Search for the Best Cupcakes Part 3

While in Bangkok, I found a little shop called Cupcakes by Dau. It was really more of a kiosk, I suppose. In the mall, the little kiosk was set up with cute chairs and tables beside it. I was drawn to it because of the not-so-subtle pinkness and girliness. Naturally, I had to buy a cupcake. Coffee flavour. Yum.

I didn’t actually get a chance to eat the cupcake until the next day. Now, this cupcake was like none I have ever seen before. It had mushroom-shaped meringue things on top. Not quite sure why… but it’s Thailand, so let’s move on. As I attempted to eat the weird little cutey, I realized that I couldn’t. The cupcake was too moist and soft and delicious. I grabbed a fork and dug in. It was fantastic. Coffee and meringue made my taste buds wake up and say, “now THIS is a cupcake!”

I would recommend going to this adorable little place to get a delicious cupcake (and while there, head to Beans by Dau and grab some cheesecake)… but I can’t. Due to the recent activities in Thailand, the mall (Central World) has been burned down. No more Zense (a restaurant I want to write a review on), no more Forever21, no more Beans by Dau, and no more cute little cupcakes. The events were tragic for so many reasons, but I am grateful that I was able to have one delicious cupcake.

I will post pictures soon.


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