Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Love your shoreline, love your community

Join the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

Every September, teams of Canadians work together to clean up their local lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and ocean shorelines. The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is in held conjunction with the International Coastal Cleanup, which is organized by the Ocean Conservancy. By removing litter, we can help be the solution to problems and impacts on wildlife and the ecosystem. Cleaning our shorelines shows that we care about the environment.

Join your fellow Canadians in cleaning up the lower area of the Capilano River from September 18- 26, 2010. Help make a difference.

As the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup team says, “No matter where you live, there is a shoreline in need of a cleanup.”

Click here for more info! -> Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

2009 Results From the Shoreline Website:

2,457 km – Distance cleaned
160,914 kg – Weight of litter removed

Top 5 litter items:
367,010 – Cigarette butts
116,138 – Food wrappers
74,276 – Plastic Bags
63,471 – Caps, Lids
40,799 – Cutlery and Dishes


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