Search for the Best Cupcake Part 4

The Purchase

The other day, after buying all of my healthy groceries, I popped into the bakery next door. This bakery is Westview Bakery, and they just got all renovated. Maybe new owners? I used to get unicorn horns from there as a kid, but even though it’s so close to me, I rarely go in. Anyways… not the point. The point is, as usual, CUPCAKES!

They had two flavours of cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate. Naturally, I went for the chocolate. I figure it isn’t really a fair comparison of cakes if I eat a different flavour every time. The girl that worked there was nice. I think I made her feel awkward when I told her I would be blogging about my experience.

So, I quickly drove home, ate my healthy sushi and juice, then moved on to dessert with a girly movie. Time to relax and interrupt my health kick.

The Cake

The cupcake tasted like most cupcakes. Pretty good, but nothing special. Leaning towards becoming dry. It must have been a day old.

The Icing

The icing, on the other hand, was quite good. It had just the right amount of chocolatey goodness without being overwhelming. The best part was the texture of the frosting. Light and fluffy, almost like a whipped cream. There were also little chocolate flakes, which didn’t hurt!

The Conclusion

This cupcake was the most economically friendly cupcake I have had so far on my search. It wasn’t the greatest ever, but in a bind when I really need a cheap quick cupcake, I would probably go back. I’m more excited to try some of their other deserts though.

*Side Note: I hope you like my new format. I think it’s more user friendly than my previous free style.

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