Search for the Best Cupcake Part 6

Hello Cupcake Lovers!

I am writing to you from work with another review of a cupcake from The Bake Sale. We loved them so much that we ordered them for our office snack day! They were mini cakes, so I had two. You get two reviews in one blog! How exciting!

The Cupcake:
Chocolate this time! Yay! So moist and chocolatey. Perfect.

The Icing:
Meh. Not as good as last time. Kind of just tasted like sugar. With the chocolate it flowed pretty well. Just nothing super special.

The Cupcake:
A new kind to add to my review mix- lemon. This was tasty. It tasted like beautiful lemon drops fell from the heavens. Inside… Lemon filling. Wow. The filling helped the cupcake be even more moist. But brace yourself for the best part of this cupcake.

The Icing:
It was meringue! That’s right! I basically ate a lemon meringue pie in cupcake form.

The Conclusion:
Basically, The Bake Sale is really onto something. This guy knows his way around a cupcake. As I said last time, the only problem is that there is a minimum required order. As much as I want to eat a dozen cupcakes, I like the way I look, and want to stay that way!

Until Next Time!
❤ Milieu


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