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So much makeup, so little knowledge!
So much makeup, so little knowledge!

Today I came across this great blog that I thought I would share. It’s funny and honest. I don’t know this woman, and I like her!

I am fairly girly and know too much about my appearance, and it dawned on me while reading this blog that not everyone knows these sorts of things. I grew up lucky because I have a mom and an older sister who trained me. I also was acting at the time, so I had to learn about film and stage makeup and hair, etc.

I answered all of the questions that this awesome girl asked. My comment hasn’t been approved, so in case it doesn’t get approved, here is what I said:

OK, I am going to tackle each question one at a time. Us girls gotta stick together, right?! ;)

1. Please don’t use 2-in-1. It doesn’t have enough conditioner in it. If you’re concerned about cost, because obviously 2-in-1 is cheaper, buy Tres Semme. Big bottles for super cheap, and they have something for every hair type.
Mousse is kind of like a new version of gel. It works best when your hair is wet. Only use a small amount. The instructions on the back of the bottles are usually pretty helpful, because every product is different.

2. Ahh foundation. Every woman’s struggle. The key with powder is to not cheap out. Buy a product that does not have any oil in it, because that is ultimately what is causing you to break out. Perhaps you are allergic to the product you are using. Physician’s Formula has some great products the are hypoallergenic and natural.

3. I will make this quite simple by explaining all types of down there waxing in brief.
-Bikini: literally, just your bikini line. The line where your bikini or panties stops covering. Cleans it up all nice.
-French Brazilian: Sounds funny, but it’s a real thing. Removes most of the hair, but leaves your most private areas protected. Sometimes known as a landing strip.
-Brazilian: Everything is gone. In Sex and the City they compare it to being a hairless cat.

4. I personally don’t remove any facial hair. However, people do get some waxing done to their faces. Usually just their upper lip. Another option is to bleach it. Then the hair is there, it’s just not as noticeable… unless you have dark skin. Then I’m not really sure.

5. Leave the hair on your fingers alone. Shaving just makes it worse. If it’s a big problem for you, wax it.

6. While we are told not to match our makeup to our outfits, that doesn’t mean that it should clash. Stick to similar tones. The main thing to think about is your personal skin tone and eye colour. Many companies now have products that are designed to make your specific eye colour POP. They’re almost like that little baby bag you are dreaming about. Again, I like Physician’s Formula. Almay is good too. If you don’t want to buy new makeup, stick to any neutral tones you have. Browns, beiges, and greys are pretty universal.

I hope this helps you! Good luck!

❤ Milieu


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