Blogs Have Personalities Too

Good morning readers!

Is your blog funny, happy, or angry? Then it's got personality!

Lucky you, I’m writing two blogs today! This one will be short… or maybe not.

Yesterday I decided that my blog needed a makeover. Mostly because I discovered new things I can do with it. I found that while having a theme, I can usually choose my own background. I’m sure you all know this already, but it was exciting for me because I got to put my Adobe Illustrator skills to use. Woohoo! That always makes for a good day.

I got to thinking about the design, theme, and overall appearance of blogs. I asked myself, “what do I want the image of my blog to be? What am I trying to portray?”

After adjusting the appearance of my blog about 146 times, I have finally settled on something that I think I like. And I hope you like it too! I would really appreciate some feedback.

While I’m at it, I’m going to share what I learned.

1. What image are you trying to portray with your blog? Ask yourself what your blog’s personality is. Is it lighthearted, funny, serious, sad, evil? Everything in your blog should stem from that.

2. What do you think is crucial for your blog? Personally, I found that I need my blog to have categories. The whole thing loses its logic without it. That is just for this blog; yours could be very different.

3. Choose a layout that is easy to navigate for both you and your potential readers.

4. Pick a background that does not overwhelm the page, and that suits the vibe of your blog. My blog has been fairly girly, so I chose flowers, but not cheesy childlike flowers (I hope).

5. Use colours that flow together and go together. The colours should be pleasing to the eye, and not harsh. Think about what is in style right now and go from there. Bright primary colours can often feel too harsh… and too ’90s!

Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?

So go on! Give your blog a facelift! And help me with mine while you’re at it!

❤ Milieu

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