The Concert of a Lifetime!

MB glowing like the star he is ❤

On Wednesday, my friend texted me asking if I wanted to go to a certain concert. I knew exactly who she meant, and I was really excited because I wasn’t able to get tickets. That person was Michael Buble. The man who’s music transcends generations.

Friday night, we went out for dinner, then headed over to GM Place… yes, I still do, and always will call it GM Place. We were both really excited. I went to Michael’s concert at Deer Lake Park about 6 years ago, but two CDs later it was time to see him live again. Walking to out seats, I noticed that there was not a specific age group attending. There were 10 year-olds,  80 year-olds, and everything in between. There were couples, families, and clusters of obsessed girls.

One seems to be missing...

The opening act was Naturally 7. I had heard from a coworker that they are really good. That was an understatement. They were amazing! For those of you who don’t know who they are, they are a group of 7 very attractive guys who make wonderful music without any instruments. No, I don’t mean a cappella. As they point out, a cappella just means singing without instruments; however, Naturally 7 use their voices to make their own instruments. It was amazing! You would swear there was a drum kit there.

As for Mr. Buble? Charming as usual! He was hilarious, and cunning, and sang beautifully. He got very involved with the audience. One of the greatest moments may go down in history. He got John “Shorty” Shorthouse, the voice of the Canucks, on stage with him to sing a duet. Two Vancouver icons on one stage. Very impressive. I have to say, Shorty wasn’t a bad singer either!

I am not one to get celebrity crushes, but Michael is the exception. How can someone not fall for his suave moves, charming anecdotes, and beautiful tones? *Sigh!*

❤ Milieu

P.S. I know the pictures I’m posting aren’t great. They were taken on my BlackBerry. I’m going to try to load some from my real camera later.

P.P.S. I forgot to mention one of the coolest parts! Michael announced that he is donating all of the money made to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. What a guy!

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