Copy Cat: My Own Letter to my 16-Year-Old Self

This blog was featured in Freshly Pressed today, and I felt inspired to write one too. People have been writing letters to their 16-year-old selves, and I decided to jump onto this bandwagon.

Dear Me...

Dear 16-Year-Old Self,

Life sure is full of surprises. Who knew this is how things are turning out? These are the things that will shock you the most.

1. Even though you think you are too cool to stay friends with everyone from high school, you will realize that they are your soul mates after all.

2. It turns out that our sister is more than just a sister. She is a friend and your life line. But don’t ever let her convince you she is more pink than you.

3. The guys you date in high school and university don’t completely mess you up. They actually teach you what you need.

4. Boys don’t all stink. There is one that you will meet at 19 and fall in love with. He will challenge you, but it is worth it!

5. Mom was right. Communications is what you should study in university… not theatre. Acting isn’t the whole world. I know, shocking. I’m still getting over this one.

6. You can work and be happy. You don’t have to settle.

7. Related to number 6, you will not be a lifer at your summer job like every  says you will. You will stay there a long time and make lots of memories, though.

8. Even though you currently don’t like cake, you will have a love affair with cupcakes.

9. You really won’t ever grow out of loving lame Disney shows and movies.

10. You won’t care that you like Disney shows… or that people know, for that matter. In fact, you won’t care what people think in general (except for people at work, but that’s only logical and healthy). Yes, we watch Disney; we wear awesome clothes from Thailand; we live at home at 23; and we are still completely nuts… you will be proud of all of those things.

Love Always,

23-Year-Old You

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jess. says:

    I wrote my letter to 16 year old me today too, some of these feel like I should have included them as well.

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