How do you Spell iPhone? L-I-N-E

Today I was walking to work and saw this little scene. I read in “How to Be a Canadian (Even if You Already Are One)” by Will and Ian Ferguson, that a Canadian’s favourite pasttime is to stand in line while making fun of Americans, and this seems to be true. Why is there a line of Vancouverites standing outside a mall at 7:30 am? Why, indeed!

Holy lineups, Batman!

It turns out that they want to buy the new iPhone. At first, I thought, “of course. That makes sense.” Then, I realized that it doesn’t make sense. I am all for everything Apple. My Macbook is my baby, and I dream in iPhones. But does that mean that I would wait overnight in the cold and rainy Vancouver weather to buy one? Doubtful. Why do we put ourselves through that just to be one of a couple million people to have the latest technology? The fact that you are in a line up shows that owning the product doesn’t make you special.

Why do we yearn for these products? Will they make our lives better? Will they comfort is when we are sad? Will they really be all that we expect them to be? Maybe we are just convinced they will do these things for us. I honestly don’t know the answer, and a part of me is jealous of those crazy, cold and tired people outside Pacific Centre who are about to be a few hundred dollars poorer than I am. Since you are in line, and I’m heading to work, why don’t you pick one up for me? I promise not to pay you back.

By the way, out of pure irony, this post was written on my FREE BlackBerry.

❤ Milieu


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