The “Value” of the Healthy Option

My meal was smaller than my cell phone!

When McDonald’s first came out with the fruit and yogurt parfait, I was excited. Finally something healthy for me to get when I am dragged to the evil McD’s. And it was cheap too! Now, the parfait is twice as expensive, and half the size.

Where is the value? What am I paying for? It cost me 2.45 after HST. (HST is another beef for another day.) So, was it worth it? Let’s break down the cost of my little parfait.

Cup of yogurt: $6 for 12= $.50 per container
Granola: $4.93 per 16 ounce box = $.07 for 1/4 ounce
Frozen Mixed Berries: $4.50 per 16 ounce bag=  $.28 for 1 ounce
Total: $0.85

McDonald's vs Grocery Store

These measurements are based on the amounts in my little parfait. There are even cheaper ways to make a parfait like buying bigger tubs of yogurt, choosing bulk granola, and picking your own berries; however, I went with the more common and simple way of making a parfait. We should also not forget that McD’s gets their supplies in bulk from a supplier, not a grocery store like I was basing my prices on.

As you can see, McDonald’s, we know your secret. You are no longer considered a good value.

For a great little recipe to make your own parfait, check this out!

❤ Milieu


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nelleytimes says:

    lol! I wonder if it’s ever cheaper to buy something pre made than to make it yourself. You’re in Vancouver too and might love a place called they’re located downtown and I used to LOVE going there (back when I had a car to take me to em). The meals are big and healthy and I miss them, but cheap – they were not. I like your blog and LOVE that you’re a fellow vancouverite.
    cheers! 😉

    1. milieus says:

      Thanks so much for sending me that link! I’ll definitely have to check that place out, and probably blog about it!
      ❤ Milieu

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