Squeezing Out the Rest of Summer

Summer is so juicy!

It began with back-to-school commercials, sales on school supplies, and grocery stores selling lunch kit sized food. As of yesterday children are pulling on their new sweatshirts, backpacks and sneakers, and are heading to class. The heads are filled with new goals; their backpacks with new crayons.

A part of me is jealous, “I want new crayons too!” But a part of me is grateful to be done school, “So glad I don’t have homework anymore!” The main part of me is thinking, “wait a second, all these years I have been told that the beginning of school is the beginning of fall.” It turns out that all these years I was lead astray. Summer isn’t officially over until September 21 this year. That gives me two more weeks of summer!

As I sit at my desk at work wearing my winter coat because my office doesn’t seem to understand how cold my area is, I wonder, “how am I going to squeeze out the rest of my summer?” Summer needs to end with a bang! Here are some ideas I have come up with:

1. Have one last barbeque party with friends.
2. Go for a walk on the beach.
3. Make a big pitcher of mojitos.
4. Suntan at my friend’s pool.
5. Continue to wear bright colours only.
6. Wear my sunglasses everywhere I go.
7. Drive with my windows down.
8. Find a boat to cruise on for a day.
9. More mojitos.
10. Go away for one last weekend summer getaway.

Wow. Those are going to be tough! Wish me good luck! What are you going to do to keep summer going?

❤ Milieu

PS: I made the picture, but I didn’t take the photos. Click here and here.


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  1. Great post. I used to think summer ended when school started too but I am now determined to squeeze out every last minute of it that I can. It just always seems to come so late and leave so soon. I love your ideas. Especially the mojito one;) -SG

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