Secrets to Curing the Shopping Crave

What a rush!

The average Vancouverite loves to shop. Realistically, we enjoy shopping for almost any product;healthy groceries, toiletries, new massage therapists, and of course clothing. I have traveled to a few different countries, and I have learned something very significant… shocking even! They all love to shop too!

Whether you are a Vancouverite, or a friend from a different country, here are some tips for kicking that craving that you have for shopping.

1. First of all, it’s not really shopping itself that you crave; it’s most likely BUYING something that gives you that rush. The first trick is to make sure you actually buy something. I know this sounds counterproductive, but hear me out. Unless you buy something, the craving is just going to build up and then you are going to explode and buy every single pair of size 9 shoes that John Fleuvog has to offer.

2. Only buy one item. Do not go and buy every style of LuLuLemon shirts just because they look cute on you. You do not want to end up broke. This is a pretty simple rule.

3. Make sure that the one thing that you buy is on sale. While the feeling of buying a bunch of shiny new clothes is splendiferous, getting a really good sale is even better. The adrenaline rush of it is like none other. You just want to show the new item off and brag about the killer deal you got to that weird old lady that lives three houses down. You know the one… the one with 32 cats, 17 dogs, and a goldfish.


"I love my Old Lady!"

4. Don’t go into a store expecting to buy something. If you go in and don’t find something, you end up feeling worse. All you want to do is curl into a ball and cry into your Fair Trade coffee. If you don’t plan on buying something, and you find that perfect sweater that is everything you have ever dreamed of, you are so shocked and excited that *zhoOP*- up goes your adrenaline again!

5. When you buy something, make sure it’s actually something you need or really want. You do not want to have buyers remorse the next day. That will just cancel out all of your hard work, and you will have to start all over again.

6. Use or wear your product the next day. If you bought that cute sweater, do NOT wear it right away. Another thing that makes shopping feel better is when you get to dream about it all night. I don’t know about you, but dreams of cashmere and cute shoes are my favourite kinds of dreams. Ahhh… cashmere dreams… Where was I? Oh right, cute sweater… The next day, wear the cute sweater, or whatever it is that you bought, because you know as well as I do, that bragging and showing your cute new clothes off is almost as good as buying it in the first place. The moment you slip that soft warmness over your head… glorious!

Well, those are my tips. I hope they help you. Good luck and happy shopping!

❤ Milieu

PS: Check out my older post about shopping.


She's starting to get the shakes from that craving!

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