September 21- The Day We Have Been Waiting For

Today, in case you have not noticed is September 21. Right about now, you’re wondering, “why is this crazy chick stating the obvious?” Well, my dear friend. You clearly do not know what today is. Today is a day that is made up of three key parts.

#1- The last day of summer.

#2- The first Canucks game.

#3- Season premier of Glee tonight!!!!

I have mixed feelings about it being the last day of summer as you can tell from my past blogs. (See here and here.) But, it does mean pretty leaves and cute boots. Anyways, I am calling today “Lastdayofsummercanucksglee Day.” I think it should be a provincial holiday.

❤ Milieu


2 Comments Add yours

  1. helmut says:

    i made it. if you want a pdf, let me know…

    1. milieus says:

      Pardon? A PDF of what? Thanks for visiting my blog!

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