Glee Premiere Review

"Yay Glee!"

Last night was the Season Premiere of “Glee.” I am a major Gleek, so I had been excitedly anticipating this episode since last season’s finale. My cravings got so bad that I watched every episode of season one… again… for the third and sometimes fourth time. I should warn you now, I’m trying not to give too much away for those of you that missed it, but there may be a few spoilers in here.

When the beautiful sounds and sights of the familiar gang surrounded me, I became giddy with excitement. I think I may have even squealed like a little girl. I couldn’t help but sit leaning forward, with my hands nervously tapping my knees. “What if it isn’t as good as I’m expecting it to be?!” Luckily, as the episode went on my fears subsided.

It felt so good to be hanging out with the characters that have become like imaginary friends to me. But, one of my “friends” was missing. Only mentioned briefly in passing, I found that Matt had transferred schools. I know he was a minor character, but we didn’t even get to say goodbye to him. Oh well. I’m over it now.

It’s exciting to have some new characters. Sunshine Corazon, played by Charice Pempengco has a killer voice. I had heard rumours of this girl that had been discovered and opened for Char joining the cast, but I didn’t know what to expect. There are many speculations flying around regarding the truth about Sam Evans, played by Chord Overstreet.  I don’t want to make assumptions, so I’ll leave to the rumours to the pros. He was also delightful, and I can’t wait to see more of him. We can’t forget Dot Jones as Coach Beiste (it’s French), the new football coach. New villain? New friend? Stay tuned!

The one thing I found disappointing was the end of the episode. I always expect both finales and premieres to have fantastic endings. I expected a huge musical number with the whole cast. I expected lights, costumes, confetti, power solos, and tons of build and suspense for the next episode… but I was let down. Instead I got another solo from Rachel, a song with lyrics that didn’t really fit what was happening, and no suspense at all. If the rest of the episode hadn’t been so amazing, and if I wasn’t such a Gleek, I would barely care if I watched the next episode.

Overall, a great episode. Good songs (let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York…), good characters (mean Quinn might be back!), good emotions (I loved, I cried, I was on the edge of my seat), good teamwork (Will and Sue on the same side?)… but bad ending. “Yay Glee!”


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