Are Squirrels Smarter Than They Let On?

A question that has been on my mind today is this; “are squirrels smarter than they let us believe they are?” Along with that, I wonder, “are squirrels actually evil?”

It all began for my family a quite few years ago. One day, the garage door opener stopped opening our garage. We called the garage door guy to fix it, and it turns out that a squirrel had gotten into our garage, climbed up to the box, and reset the code. We had heard scurrying in that area, but didn’t really think much of it. We had a smart little squirrel on our hands. My dad wanted to kill it, my mom wanted to give it an evil glare, and I wanted to save the cute little fluffy thing that looked like my favourite beanie baby at the time. My mom claimed then that squirrels are evil; I did not believe her.

Today, my mom called me over and said, “look at this! I knew it! I was right!” It turns out that a squirrel caused a power shortage in North Vancouver on Tuesday. 16,000 homes and business were directly affected by this. Let’s also not forget those that were indirectly affected by their co-workers, friends, comrades, etc. who had lost power. Sadly, the squirrel did not survive. Did this little squirrel know what he was getting himself into? Maybe he in considered a hero in the squirrel world. For details on the story go here.

Dun dun dun!

What side are you on? Are squirrels evil and brilliant, or do they just run into these situations by accident? YOU be the judge!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nelleytimes says:

    “reset the code”?? hahahahahaaha! I picture the hairy little bastard putting on his specs and manipulating the code to allow all his buddies to get at all the goodies in your garage.
    Hilarious! hee hee hee

    1. milieus says:

      Those crazy squirrels! I tell ya! Not sure what they wanted from us. Maybe they just wanted to mess with our heads.

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