Something Wicked is Coming to Vancouver

A Super Wicked Logo

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the sneak peek for Wicked. That’s right, you heard correctly. Wicked is coming to Vancouver in June 2011. Group sale tickets are on sale now, and regular tickets will go on sale in March.

We got some wine, then we headed into the theatre. We heard from the producers (one live and one via pre-recorded video), we watched some exciting videos that explain why should be excited (like we already aren’t!), and we got to watch two performances from the touring Elphaba and Glinda. My boyfriend who was only mildly interested is now very excited to see the musical. I have been excited to see it since 2003 when it was first put on Broadway! Sadly, I did not receive a gift bag as promised. They only expected half of the people who RSVPd to show up. Let this be a lesson to the world- when Vancouverites say they are going to be somewhere, they usually are.

Don’t know what Wicked is? Wikipedia can answer that for you! It’s the story of the two witches from The Wizard of Oz.


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  1. nelleytimes says:

    Lucky! How did you manage to get pre sale tickets to this???

    1. milieus says:

      Honestly, I’m not sure! I got an invite through work, and I RSVPd. The problem is that I don’t have a group of 20, so I can’t get the presale tickets. I guess I have to wait until March like a normal person. 😦

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