Starry Dragon Smoothie


Star light, star bright, first star fruit I see tonight.


I know the name of my smoothie is lame. It’s early on a Friday before a long weekend and I’m not feeling overly creative in my naming today. The name will make sense in a moment though. If you can come up with a good name for it, please tell me. If I like it, you win a prize. The prize is… getting to name my smoothie. How lucky for you!

I should be writing a Thanksgiving post, but I will wait until Monday because I am excited about this smoothie. If it bugs you that this isn’t a Thanksgiving post, then pretend my smoothie is called “Thanksgiving Starry Dragon Smoothie.” Better? Good.

Also, I’m going to start a new thing on my blog. Every Friday I am going to make a new smoothie for us to try. I’m going to call this series “Smooth Fridays.” I don’t know about you, but I like my Fridays to be smooth. Lumpy Fridays just aren’t as fun.

Enough of my early morning rambling. Time to make our Friday smooth.

1 cup plain low fat yogurt. (To save you the effort of looking, Source by Yoplait has the least calories and least amount of sugar.)
1/2 star fruit chopped up. (I just left the seeds because my Magic Bullet does the work for me.)
1/2 dragon fruit diced. (No, it’s not real dragon.)
A tiny dash of any fruit juice.
( This isn’t necessary, but it adds extra flavour and makes it blend better.)


These dragons breathe yumminess instead of fire.


Throw the ingredients into your Magic Bullet or blender and blend away until the seeds of the dragon fruit are almost invisible.

This smoothie is surprisingly tasty. Both of these fruits are quite mild, so I thought I would only be tasting the yogurt, but I was wrong.  Somehow the fruits together create something really yummy.

❤ Milieu


3 Comments Add yours

  1. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    Fun! I have never seen a dragon fruit at my supermarket before, but I’ll keep a lookout. How about a Stargon smoothie? Ha! That’s pretty bad…

    1. milieus says:

      Yeah, dragon fruit is pretty hard to find. I have an international supermarket near work so I go there to get it. When regular grocery stores are feeling adventurous they sometimes have it.

      I like Stargon. It sounds like a video game character or something. Maybe I’m thinking of Gargon from Star Wars… hmm…

      1. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

        Oh you’re so lucky! I love grocery stores that have their little specialties.

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