Celebrate Cranberries

This weekend was the Cranberry Festival in Fort Langley. Saturday morning I was persuaded to go by my boyfriend’s mom and sister. It didn’t take much to convince me. Time with them? Yes! Fort Langley? Why not? Cranberries? For sure!

I have always loved cranberries. I love the tangy sourness of them. To me, they taste like healthy and guilt-free Sour Patch Kids. I was excited about a chance to celebrate cranberries, and to see them in their natural habitat.


Cranberries in Their Natural Habitat


First we went to the Fort Winery, where the cranberries were. We sampled some cranberry wine- naturally we bought some. Then we walked around the cranberry fields.


The Cranberries are Yelling, "Pick Me!"


I decided that I wanted to eat the world’s freshest cranberry. So, I adopted one for myself.


Don't worry, I bought some too.


It was the tastiest cranberry I have ever had in my life… until I saw the green sludge. I’m not posting that picture here. I will gross you out.

After our cranberry adventures, we hopped on the trolley and headed in to the little town of Fort Langley. The streets were blocked off and little booths were set up to give us samples and to sell us fun things. Naturally, everything was related to cranberries.


A few days passed, and last night I decided to use some of my cranberries. I baked oatmeal white chocolate cranberry cookies. Super simple, right? Wrong. Turns out, I fail at cookies. They came out looking like this:


Either too smooshy or too hard.


I managed to salvage a few to bring to work. Turns out, even though they look silly, they actually taste great! Some of the cookies were so soft that I turned it into a sort of cranberry crumble. I added some plain yogurt and some fresh cranberries for a tasty, but not-so-healthy breakfast.


Don't waste cookies. Improvise!


When I shared my cookies with my coworkers, they loved them. Who woulda thought? This is what I did to make them.

Take a regular oatmeal cookie recipe. I couldn’t find my regular flour, so I used some gluten free flour. A tip: if you use gluten free flour, listen to the package and use zanthan gum. Also, use the full amount of flour stated on the recipe. I’m pretty sure that’s why mine fell apart. In the recipe, where is says to use raisins or chocolate chips, substitute with cranberries and white chocolate chips. I used 1 cup of each, and the ratio was perfect. Remember, I am talking about fresh cranberries, not craisins. Although I’m sure craisins could work too. If you have frozen cranberries, you should probably defrost them a bit first.

Now that I have told you all about my yummy cookies, I am craving one. So, off I go to shove another one in my mouth. Mmmm… It’f fo goood! ‘Til nefct time!

❤ Milieu


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alex@SpoonfulofSugarFree says:

    I’m sorry, but I am not a cranberry fan AT All! I’d rather have blueberries or cherries

    1. milieus says:

      Haha! That’s ok. They’re not for everyone. Blueberries actually sound like they could be really good in these. Yum!

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