Smooth Friday gets Caffeinated

Today I am not giving you a recipe for a new smoothie. I’m sorry. I know this makes you sad. Instead, I’m making an old one better! A few weeks ago I posted about my chocobanana smoothie. Today I made it again; but this time it’s got a kick!

Have you ever had the Java Chip Frappucinno from Starbucks? It’s quite tasty. But you know… Frappucinno-like, and therefore 5000 calories. (Not quite, but close enough.) The Java Chip has chunks of coffee beans and chocolate chips in it. I took that idea and added a tablespoon of fine ground coffee, as well as a shot or two of fresh brewed coffee.

See what I did there? I took a healthy drink and made it caffeinated. Now, THAT’S breakfast!

❤ Milieu


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  1. Alex says:

    Neat! I love putting instant coffee in my oatmeal, too

    1. milieus says:

      Ooh! Yum! I need to try that tomorrow.

      I didn’t use instant in my smoothie. I used real coffee to give it a fun texture.

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