A Perfect Cupcake

Tonight I made my first perfect fluffy cupcake. I have always had a problem with them falling and I could never figure out why. I figured it out! Here are my tips:
1. Add the correct amount of egg and oil. If you are using liquid eggs, maybe add a few extra drops.
2. Use your electric beater to its full potential. Start by beating it gently at a low setting for 30 seconds, then turn it up to medium for exactly 2 minutes. This is really where I went wrong before. I thought to myself, “2 minutes? That’s too long. The batter looks good to me!” I was wrong. The extra time helps fluff the batter up.
3. Don’t open the oven just to take a peak. The cold air throws them off and they can fall right then and there.

Ok, now that I have fluffy cupcakes, I need to go burn calories at dance so I can eat them. My cleanse ends tomorrow!

❤ Milieu

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  1. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    DON”T TAKE A PEAK!!! I learned that, too, from “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World!”

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