Tales of Diamond Ring

The Diamond

Last Thursday, I got engaged. That’s right! After almost four years, my boyfriend finally proposed. I am absolutely ecstatic! We have talked about marriage, and I have had ideas for a wedding in my head forever. Now, I can finally put those urges to buy a wedding mag at the cash register to use.

We won’t be hiring a wedding planner for a few reasons. First, it’s too expensive for us. Second, I want to be an event planner, so this is good practice. There are many aspects and details to putting together a wedding. Some of those details are fun and exciting, while some are stressful. I don’t want this blog to be stressful, so I am only going to write about the happy parts of engagement. I will write about how fantastic my fiance is (that word still gives me happy chills), getting my dream venue (it will happen), buying the dress (I’m a princess), and more! So, stay tuned to hear all of my stories.

These are my tales about what happens once there is a diamond ring on your finger. By the way… the ring? It’s beautiful!

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  1. Public Fat says:

    Congrats on your engagement! I know how exciting of a time this can be, and trust me it will go by fast. Be sure to enjoy each moment and always remember your fiance first! 🙂

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