Tales of Diamond Ring: Wedding Dresses

Until now, all of my planning has involved putting sticky notes on every other page in 6 bridal magazines, reading every article on theknot.com, and dreaming up far-fetched plans that will most likely not happen. Yesterday, was a different day though. Christmas was officially over, so people were able to focus on what’s truly important-me!

These are the things my fiancé and I accomplished this weekend:

  • We  ordered my wedding band. Three more diamonds please!
  • We picked up information on gift registry. I want a Dyson and a gravy boat!
  • We decided on a budget.
  • We agreed on donating to the Canadian Cancer Society instead of giving party favours. I have always thought party favours were a waste of money. No, I don’t want any more candy-coated almonds.
  • The most important thing of all happened- I found my dress! Let me tell you the tale of my dress.

The other day, I found my dream dress online. The problem was that no one had it. I didn’t think I would find anything as perfect as that dress. Last night, I went into Isabelle’s Bridal without any expectations. It was my first time wedding dress shopping. I was given little hearts to put on the hangers of dresses I liked. It was so much fun going through all of the silk, taffeta, and crinoline. I have a problem with tulle and crinoline-I need to touch it and play with it. I was in crinoline heaven! I was setup in a room, and I began to try dresses on. I knew what I wanted going in.

The dresses were alright, but nothing was jumping out at me. I decided to try on a pouffy, princess dress just for fun. I felt like the Cupcake Princess. To me, that was a good thing. Oh! The crinoline! I actually had tears in my eyes. I’m still not sure why, but I did. It was while wearing this wonderful dress that I really started to feel like a bride. The problem was that it wasn’t the style I thought I wanted. So, I tried on a few more dresses.

I found one that I really liked, but I wanted to make too many changes. The bridal consultant had an idea. She knew of the sister dress, which had the features that I loved and didn’t have the things that I hated. The dress was beautiful. I felt elegant and sexy. I was caught between a rock and a crinoline place. I wasn’t even planning on buying a dress today, and now I had two dresses that I was in love with. The princess happy dress, and the sexy adult dress. I loved both for different reasons. Then, out walked my bridesmaid in the perfect bridesmaid dress. It worked perfectly with the elegant dress; however, it would look really beautiful with the princess dress too.

I know the way my mind works, so I decided to sleep on it. I knew that in the night I would dream about one dress and know that it’s the one. I have always heard that when you try on the right dress, you will know that it’s “the one.” I found “the two.”

So, did I dream last night? I sure did… but you will have to stay tuned to find out which dress I choose!

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  1. grinsi says:

    oh how i love wedding dresses. in general.
    i totally can feel how you were excited being surounded by all these dresses. and i know how it feels to not know which dress is the perfect one. i never bought one myself so i can’t say how that feels but i went with my sister-in-law when she tried on her dress for the second time. and my own weddingdress… well, until now i’m only married by law, i didn’t get to have my big wedding party yet but i have my dress. i designed it myself and then i sewed it myself. i know, people say that sewing your own wedding dress is bringing ill luck but hey, it’s perfect.
    and it’s okay to spend a lot of money on the one dress. quoting 27 dresses: you can make it shorter and wear it again. or as i say, dye the fabric and wear it again or tear it apart and sew a new dress. i’ll go see now if i find a post showing your dress and then tell you my opinion on it 😉

    1. Milieu says:

      I’m not superstitious, so I think sewing your own dress is amazing! I wish I had talent like that. I will post a picture of the dress after the wedding I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!

  2. nelley says:

    Although I’m happy for u both, I still don’t get the allure of a wedding dress. Spending thousands on a dress to wear (hopefully) only once? I it is worth It and why? Please explain to me because I really still just don’t get it. Explain!! 🙂

    1. milieus says:

      It’s worth it because it’s the one day that you can dress up like a princess and have all of the attention on you. This is a huge day, so you should look your absolute best. I agree that spending thousands is silly. Mine was under $1000 and is way nicer than any of those $10,000 ones you see on Say Yes to the Dress.

  3. Public Fat says:

    How exciting!! I can’t believe how much in love I am with my wedding dress. I swore I wouldn’t cry or anything like I see the girls on TV, but I couldn’t help it!!

    I’m so glad you found your dress! One more item to check off the list 🙂

    1. milieus says:

      Dress update! Check out today’s post that I’m about to write!

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