Tales of a Diamond Ring: Venues

Yesterday I called my two dream venues. The down side of having a short engagement: everything is already booked for every Saturday in August. Luckily, this down side turned into an up side. Both venues are available on the Sunday of the Saturday that we thought we wanted. After a short discussion at lunch, my fiancé and I decided that Sunday is even better. We had agreed before that we would take the day before our wedding off so that we won’t be as stressed day of. By having the wedding Sunday, I don’t have to book extra time off.

We are a bit concerned that our pastor won’t be as thrilled about it being a Sunday as we are.

Both venues have put a hold for us for that date. We are going to go visit them tomorrow night. I’m excited to see my dream venues in person! There is only so much a photo can tell you. I will give you some details of my venue choices without giving too much away. (I don’t want anyone stealing me venues!)

Venue 1: An older building right on the water. Close to the perfect photo location. Really good prices.
Venue 2: A brand new hotel with an ocean view. Free hotel room. Prices are a bit higher, but still reasonable compared to other hotels I have looked at.

Tonight my bridesmaids (minus my MOH sister) are going to the bridal store to try on the bridesmaid dresses that I have picked out, and for us all to get sized. This morning, I second guessed the decision I made yesterday about my dress. Maybe I do want the other one. I think I may have to try them both on again tonight.

Everything seems to be in twos. Two dresses. Two venues. I think we may have a problem of two pastors, but that’s for a different reason. What’s next? Two cakes? Probably…

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  1. Public Fat says:

    I am soo in your shoes! I can completely understand. I feel like the only thing solid in my mind is my dress. We officially changed wedding venues this week! 🙂 No matter what, you’re always going to think: Did I make the right choice?? It’s such an important event, (in most cases) and you only get to do it once!

    So August is your date? It helps to be flexible on that, I had to have my wedding on 11/11/11! But the good thing for you too, is the lower rates on Sundays!

    1. milieus says:

      I know! I’m so excited for the lower rates! I can already see extra money in my pockets. Why did you choose 11/11/11? Just because it’s awesome?

      1. Public Fat says:

        I’ve been obsessed with the number 11 since I can remember! So when I saw that on the calendar, it was just obvious the date to choose!

        Another tip on locations, I’m not sure how I went about it this way, but I ended up finding a caterer first. I found one caterer that wanted to become a part of an approved caterer list at a specific venue, but in order to do that, they needed to have a client request them. So the caterer offered me a discount on our bill if I had the reception at the location. Turns out, I really loved the location, and it was a little bit out of budget, but with the savings from the caterer I was able to get the location and come in under budget!!

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