Tales of a Diamond Ring: Commitment

Commitment is a funny thing. Many people have a fear of commitment. It can be scary! I have been with my fiancé for almost 4 years. I clearly don’t have a problem with commitment… or do I?

I discovered yesterday that I in fact do have issues committing… to a wedding dress. As I mentioned yesterday, I was starting to dream about the other dress. I went into the store, and luckily I changed my mind back to my dream dress. We paid the down payment! I own 50% of a wedding dress! This morning, I started to get cold feet again. I realized that the down payment is like getting married. Once it’s done- it’s done. There is no going back. I’m in it for the long haul. Then, I got over it and got excited again.

Today I found out some sad news about my dress. I wanted to change a detail of my dress, but it’s going to cost $300 dollars. After a couple tears, my mom and I decided it’s not worth it. Realistically, if you haven’t seen the other details and have nothing to compare to, the detail isn’t all that bad. This afternoon, as an emotional bride, it was the end of the world.


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