New Year Unresolution

I wasn’t going to write a New Year post, but Public Fat unintentionally convinced me to.

Stats show that the top resolutions of 2010 were to lose weight, pay off debt, spend time with family, quit smoking/drinking, and be organized.

According to, “each year 40% – 45% of adults make one or more resolutions or goals for themselves. Research shows that 75% make it past the first week, and 46% make it past 6 months.” That isn’t very motivating to me. I was going to make marrying the love of my life my New Year’s Resolution, but then I realized that by making that my resolution, the odds of it happening are low. Therefore, I am making it my unresolution.

(Side note: WordPress isn’t working properly for me, and I can’t add pictures. That is why my two most recent posts don’t have any.)


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  1. Public Fat says:

    Very motivating statistics! Lol I can’t put my finger on what bugs me about NY resolutions, but what has to have bugged me the most so far is the suddenly overcrowded gym. No fun : /

  2. As hard as I find keeping to a new year resolution, I still do it because it gives me hope.

    1. milieus says:

      That’s awesome! What’s your resolution this year?

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