Tales of a Diamond Ring: Site Inspections

I wish this could be my view.
As I mentioned in my post about venues, I was in love with the idea of two specific venues. As a reminder, the venues were:

Venue 1: An older building right on the water. Close to the perfect photo location. Really good prices.
Venue 2: A brand new hotel with an ocean view. Free hotel room. Prices are a bit higher, but still reasonable compared to other hotels I have looked at.

Yesterday my fiancé and I went on site inspections to check out the venues. We learned a few things from this experience. We had tunnel vision. We were so set on these venues, that we didn’t think about anywhere else. We thought we had everything set. Both venues were on hold for us, so we felt safe. Little did we know that our dreams would be crushed. New descriptions of the venues:

Venue 1: Very old building. Cheap for a reason. On the water, but has no windows. A big fat “NO.”
Venue 2: Beautiful. Great views. Still a free hotel room. While cheaper than other hotels, it is still way out of our budget. Too many hidden fees. A very sad “no.”

We have friends that are members of a wonderful country club in West Vancouver, so we decided to take a look. I lucked out, and the event planner appeared just as my fiancé left. It was too bad that he was gone, but I got some good answers. The view is nice. The room is not bad, but not ideal. The price is about in between the other two venues, but leaning on the expensive side. It’s a definite fall-back plan. I just found out that this venue is currently on hold for us.

Next weekend, we are going to look at a golf and country club in Langley. I really wanted an ocean-view in Vancouver area, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. I have been to this venue for an event once, and it was lovely. The best part? It’s all-inclusive. This means that we pay one price, and they do all of the work. We wouldn’t have to find florists or bakeries or rental places or even a place to rent the groom’s tux. See? Everything! It sounds like a dream come true!

I have one problem with the all-inclusive place. If we choose it… what will I blog about?!

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  1. Public Fat says:

    Haha!! O you will still most definitely have something to blog about. You still have save the dates, invitations, table linens, menu selections,day of schedule, rehearsal dinners, umm the list really goes on! In fact, I’m getting sick just thinking of it : /

    1. milieus says:

      Actually, if we get the place we want, we don’t have to worry about menu or table linens. Sounds kind of perfect, doesn’t it? 😉

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