Romantic Words… What Next?

A sampling of my convo hearts. Sorry for BlackBerry quality again.

I received candy conversation hearts from my mom for Valentine’s Day. I haven’t had these things in a couple years, so I was excited. I decided to share them with my coworkers. As I poured some into my little container, I noticed a few bizarre things.

1. They now use text lingo. I remember this starting to happen last time I had them. For example: “only 4 u” and “c u 2nite.”
2. Some of them are negative. Since when was “Nice Try” romantic?
3. About 3/4 of them say “What Next.” You tell me what next! The end of romantic candy, that’s what!
4. They really don’t taste as good as I thought they did.

As you can tell, I was a little disappointed. On the bright side, they gave me something to blog about! Also, as I was writing this, I reached over for one and it said “cup cake.” Well! Conversation hearts, you have won your way back into my life again with that one little candy. You got lucky this time, but in the future, please be more clever with your little candy conversations.


Writer’s Update: I just found one that says U+ME BABE.


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  1. nelley says:

    Lol! Oh the things we loved when we were young and how …not so tasty they are now that we’re older. I like to think its just that our tastes have matured and gotten way better. Remember jawbreaker candies and lik-a-maids? That candy stick u would lick and then stick into a package of flavoured sugar? I loved that as a kid and now you couldn’t pay me to touch it. Let alone lick it. And candy hearts honey??? Have some standards, dear! 😉

    1. milieus says:

      How dare you insult Fun Dip?! That stuff will always be delicious! 😉

      You know what candy actually gets better and better every time I have it? Pop Rocks. Seriously. Whenever I have them I always think to myself, “Woah! This stuff is awesome! The way it pops and explodes and is so tasty! Why did I ever stop eating this stuff?” So good.

  2. mrsbornn says:

    We had some at work and the two that I found funny:

    “Fax me” and “C’est Trop”.

    1. milieus says:

      Those are hilarious! I think I remember seeing a fax me one once… in 1990.

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