Tales of a Diamond Ring: Shoes

I have an idea in my head of the perfect wedding shoes. I want them to be my wedding colour. They have to be cute, comfy, and not a no-name brand (it would look tacky in the photos). I went to Pacific Centre with two of my bridesmaids Wednesday night. We were looking for pumps in my colour and white flats or sandals for the reception and for the bridesmaids. We looked in every shoe store. We even walked along Granville Street to check out the Aldo outlet.

Apparently, now is not the time for wedding shoe shopping. Everything is natural beige and black. There is also the occasional metallic silver shoe. I decided that if I can’t have my colour, I will settle for white. That didn’t help at all. There are no white shoes! After a couple hours of being let down, we decided to brave Holt Renfrew. I said to my girls, “I really shouldn’t go in there because I will probably find the perfect shoe.” They nodded in agreement. Everyone knows that Holt Renfrew equals big money! $$ It turns out that I was right.

*Le Sigh*

I know you recognize that beautiful sole. I couldn’t find a picture of the exact shoes, so I decided to use a classic. Yes, I fell in love with a pair Christian Louboutin shoes. Perfect colour, a bit sparkly, the coveted red sole, a wonderful hight… I may or may not have kissed them. Obviously I can’t afford a pair of $750 shoes, so I slowly and gently placed them back on their pedestal. I walked away from the beautiful shoes, and left a piece of my heart with them. What are you talking about? I’m not melodramatic!

We left the mall and headed home.

Later that night, one of my bridesmaids sent me a link to some really cute dyeable shoes that are on sale at Shoe Company. They are super cute, and a good height with just the right amount of heel. Thursday, she sent me another link. This time it was for a pair of shoes that I had tried on Wednesday, but the colour had been wrong. I love pink, but pink shoes is not my dream. I called the Sterling Shoes near my house, and they have the cream ones in my size. Not only are the marked down,  but they are an additional 30% off. We think they may be dyeable because they are satin, but they are a bit darker than the usual dyeable shoe. Tonight I will go look at both pairs and will hopefully make a decision before both pairs sell out.

Who would’ve thought that shoe shopping would be more stressful than finding the dress?!

Which shoes will I buy? Put in your vote!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Posky says:

    Make sure you can dye them the color you want. Cute shoes are great, but being able to customize them seems more romantic and you’ll be happy with the extra work you put into them- I’m sure of it.

    Secret option G is to just toss on a pair of white tennis shoes or go barefoot. I bet people would remember that and think it was cute- although you run the risk of a turning on a few creepy foot-fetisihists.

    1. milieus says:

      HAHAHA! You’re hilarious. I think I will end up having a few shoe changes. By the end of the night, I will for sure be barefoot.

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