Rules of Smoking

For the most part, Vancouverites don’t really smoke anymore. It’s almost as though if you do smoke, people look down at you. You should be doing yoga and sipping lattes, not filling your lungs with junk! However, because there are so few smokers nowadays, the people who do smoke seem to have lost any sense of smoking etiquette.

I was standing next to one of those rule-breakers this morning, so I am here to share the rules that I think they should follow.

1. Try not to smoke around others. It’s a slap in the face that says, “I only care about my addiction, not your health.” Besides, I don’t shove my mouth full of chocolate around you; don’t shove your lungs full of chemicals around me.
2. If you have to smoke around others, stand downwind. Not sure where the wind is blowing? Light your poison stick, see where the smoke blows, quickly move to your appropriate spot, and apologise.
3. Never get on the bus or into a small space right after smoking. You smell.
4. Chew gum or brush your teeth if you’re going to be close to someone and talking to them. Again, you smell.
5. If the person you are smoking near seems to be having a reaction to your smoke, put it out. Some people are legitimately allergic. How about a rub peanut butter, shellfish or dust in your face? If you keep standing there while someone coughs up their bronchial tubes, you look like a jerk.

What etiquette rules do you think smokers should follow? Do you have any pet peeves that people do?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Peter says:

    Yeah but do you know how cool you look when you smoke in public?

    1. milieus says:

      Yes. You look not cool at all.

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