Search for the Perfect Cupcake: Butter

The Receiving

Yesterday, I was given a cupcake at work. It was purchased at Urban Fare, and was made in a bakery called Butter. The cupcake was cute with its green icing and sugar shamrock. Very St. Patrick’s Day, which made me smile even more than a free cupcake usually does!

The Cake

Chocolate, of course! It was quite delicious. Just the right level of moisture without falling apart. It wasn’t the most chocolatey flavour I have ever had in a cupcake, but it was still very yummy.

The Icing

It would only make sense for Butter to use buttercream icing. Normally I find buttercream to be too sugary and sweet. Yes, it was quite sweet; however, being true to its name, it also had more of a buttery taste which I quite enjoyed. The icing is definitely in my top list of non-flavoured icings.

The Summary

This cupcake was really good. I would definitely go seek out these cupcakes. On the down side, I asked how much they cost, and after some math discovered that they are about $3.50 each. That is one of the most expensive cupcakes in the quest. The cupcake has inspired me to start up my quest again, so I think that’s a good sign.

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