Tales of a Diamond Ring: Engagement Photos

One of the requirements for our photographer was that they had to offer engagement photos. Last weekend, we got ours done! We will be using them for the invites, so we had to get on it! Here are the tips I learned:

  • Make a hair appointment a couple days in advance. You don’t want to have a last minute panic attack about how ugly your hair is two days before like I did.
  • Don’t cancel due to weather. In Vancouver, it’s hard to plan around the rain. We decided to incorporate it into our photos, and we had a blast! I’m actually really glad it rained.
  • Pick a place that means something to the two of you. We went to where my fiance proposed. It was so perfect.
  • Trust your photographer’s instincts. We knew that we wanted some photos in Edgemont Village, but we didn’t really know exactly where. The photographer saw things that I would never have thought of. The side of that weird building? Turns out, it looks great in a photo!
  • Layer your clothes if you’re taking photos away from your house. This way you can have a few outfit options so that all of your photos aren’t the same. It also helps you stay the correct temperature.

Most of all, have fun! Be your crazy selves because it will show up in the pictures, and that’s exactly what you want. These photos aren’t of anyone else- they’re of wonderful you! The fun will show in the pictures. Good luck!


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