Tales of a Diamond Ring: Food and Cake Tasting

These weren't our samples... but they look delicious!

The same day that we did our photos, we also went to our venue for a food, cake and wine tasting. We had to sit through a half hour seminar first. I think we learned something… I don’t remember what it was though.

They had a buffet set up, which I think was their normal Sunday buffet. We get to pick four main course items. Most of the food that we are allowed to choose was available to try, so we made sure to sample almost everything. Between the two of us, we covered some good buffet ground. Some items that we though wanted, we realized we didn’t. The toughest choice is the butter chicken. We both love butter chicken, but he is lactose intolerant. We know he will eat it because it’s so delicious, but we don’t want him to have an upset stomach on his wedding day! Is butter chicken weddingy enough? It’s not exactly the classiest food, but I think that’s what makes it perfect. It’s different and fun for white couple wedding.

After dinner, we went over to the next room to look at decoration ideas, drink some wine, and sample some cake. My biggest advice- try every kind of cake offered. I thought I would want the chocolate hazelnut cake. It turns out I was wrong. The two flavours we loved the most were chocolate mousse (which my fiance thought he wouldn’t like), and one that tastes like strawberry shortcake with real strawberries in it. If we can get two flavours, we will. If not… well, I think I will need a coin to make this decision, or maybe I’ve Got Ball can help me out!


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