Tales of a Diamond Ring: Décor and Bouquets

May I have this, please?! Its not TOO pink.

We met with our decorators a couple weeks ago to plan out all of our décor and bouquets. It was so much fun! I want their job!

First we met with the florist. We were sad to learn that they cannot get us tulips in August. This was disappointing, but they found us an alternate flower for the corsages and some of the boutonnieres. They can get us the main flowers that I want, so that is a good thing. I was excited to learn that I get to have bling on my bouquet. That made up for the lack of tulips for me. My fiancé is still a bit sad about it.

Once our flowers were planned out, we met with the decorator. Again, we hit a road bump. The chair bows that we want are an additional cost. Of course, right? We think they found out our colour and moved that bow over to the “additional fee” rack. Luckily, I’m not a bridezilla, and I like to think I’m creative so I came up with a new plan. As with all of my blogging, you will have to wait to find out what we are doing! The centre pieces are going to look beautiful. We have to buy glass pebbles in our colour to put in the bottom, but at Michaels we can get them for cheap. Hurray for coupons!

Even though we aren’t getting exactly what we thought we were getting, we were able to adjust and come up with ideas that may actually be better than our original ones. I’m just glad my fiancé was with me, because our combined creative minds are impressive.

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