Tales of a Diamond Ring: Invitations

Not my invitations, but still very cute!

One of the most important parts of a wedding is the invitations. Without them, your guests won’t know if they’re invited or where to go. They can also be on of the most stressful aspects.

I decided to make my life easier by designing my own; that way they would look exactly how I wanted them to. It turns out… this didn’t make my life easier. Because I could change every little thing about the design, I did. If something was slightly off, I would change it.

I also decided to print them myself. Another mistake because then I had to cut and fold them too. Just the other day, I decided to tie little bows around each one. I’m not sure why I keep inflicting this torture on myself. Luckily, I have bridesmaids and a mother-in-law-to-be who are eager to help. It turns out that one of my bridesmaids is pro at tying bows. Who knew? Even my fiance got into the spirit of bows.

The toughest part of making your own invitations? Finding envelopes that fit your wacky invite size. I was able to find some at the Japanese dollar store by my office for really cheap, but they are a bit more see-through than I would like, and the ones from Staples which are more expensive look exactly the same. I have reached a point where I have had to throw in the towel. “It’s good enough!” I keep saying to myself and those who are helping me.

Now, they are finally done! We have decided to only put those that need to be mailed into envelopes, because they look super cute all tied with a ribbon, and much more personal hand-delivered. Let’s not forget the savings on both stamps and envelopes! We have even received our first RSVPs!


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