Tales of a Diamond Ring: Moving

I have been focusing a lot on the wedding aspect of getting married in this blog, but there is so much more to it than that. When people ask if I’m ready my answer is, “for marriage, yes. For the wedding, no.” We have been attending pre-marital counselling with our pastor which has been great. We were ready before the counseling, but it’s definitely helping us grow even closer together.

A big part of marriage is living together. You’re probably shocked by this, but we don’t live together yet. We won’t until we’re married. We’re kind of old-fashioned that way. It’s one of the many things I love about him! So naturally, we had to find a place to live.

So many boxes to fill.

We lucked out and only ended up looking at one place. This will probably not happen for you. Start looking early. Ask around. Make a list of what your essentials are and stick to them. For us, we had to have a good area for having people over, and it had to be by the skytrain. We got lucky and got an extra bedroom and a small patio. The yellow (sorry, harvest gold) oven? That’s not a bonus. That’s just an eyesore.

Yes... one of these...

We are going to be slowly moving our stuff over the next month, and I am going to be living there part-time to get it ready. My things will be split between my two places, so I have had to figure out what I will need where.

I have stayed at a few houses and apartments when people have just moved in. They always forget the same items, so I have come up with a list of things you need when you move it.

  1. A bottle of wine. People will want to come over and see your new place. You will probably want to toast the occasion.
  2. Bottle opener and corkscrew. For your bottle of wine.
  3. Plunger. Trust me.
  4. Shower curtain. Even if it’s just the waterproof lining. You don’t need to get fancy right away.
  5. At least one towel.
  6. Toilet paper.
  7. Multi-purpose cleaner and paper towels.
  8. A broom or vacuum.
  9. Some sort of activity like a computer, TV or books. You probably won’t have cable right away, so make sure you have a DVD player and DVDs.
  10. A garbage can or bags.

As long as you have these things, you will be ok. Everything else will come, but those are the items that you will realize you can’t live without as soon as you need it but don’t have it… especially the plunger. So, avoid the pain, and take them with you.

Just... trust me.

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