Tales of a Diamond Ring: I’m In!

I have moved into my apartment, and it feels great! We have cleaned the kitchen, the pantry closet, and most of the bathroom.

We have decided that the paint is pretty good, so we are going to save a lot of energy and money, and only paint a couple accent walls and maybe the guest bedroom. I really want a chocolate wall in our master bedroom. It will help make it have more depth and warmth.

We haven’t really unpacked much other than our essentials. We have some mugs out, we opened our new pretty knives, and we have put our dishes through the dishwasher. All of the boxes in the picture need to somehow fit in our little apartment kitchen. There are more boxes in the bedroom and bathroom. Yikes!

Yes, we have a shower curtain with cute hooks, and yes we have a plunger. (See blog from Thursday.)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I need to move, but it’s images like that that prompt me to go, “I’ll definitely get on that . . . next week!” Happy slow unpacking to ye 🙂

    1. milieus says:

      Thanks! I’m gonna use those well-wishes!

  2. Aunt Doris says:

    Hope to get to see the apartment while I am in North Vancouver!! So much fun “just starting out”……………! Don’t forget to send your new address 🙂

  3. Aunt Mae says:

    I can see things are fitting into place and, what a sense of accomplishment you must feel.

    So glad you are getting organized and I wish you & Tim all the happiness in the world.

    Love Auntie Mae

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