Tales of a Diamond Ring: When Things go Wrong (The Dress Shenanigan)

At least this random bride's dress might be ready on time.

I thought planning a wedding was supposed to be a fun and happy experience. It turns out, the final month is chaos. Some things have been going great. Our food is all picked out, I get my dream cake (with BOTH flavours), my hair is a beautiful shade, I love my bridesmaids, my programs look terrific, and I really do have the best fiance in the world.

Sadly, some things have gone wrong as well. Most recently, is what we are going to call “The Dress Shenanigan.” When I booked my dress fittings, I was told that two would be enough. We booked them and everything was great. I went in two weeks ago for my fitting and reminded them that this is my only one, so it has to be done right the first time. Everyone seemed happy and great and prepared. Last night I arrived for my “final fitting” and nothing was done. They took in the sides, but hadn’t cut the fabric (which does make sense in case they took in too much) but the hem wasn’t even done and my cups weren’t sewn in. The seamstress said to me, “I’m just checking that it fits and it will be ready for the next fitting.” I’m sorry, but I don’t have another fitting or the time to come up with one. They kept saying to me, “we never would have said you only needed to fittings. Everyone knows you need four or five.” I didn’t know I would need that many because I was told by them that two is perfect. Now I have to go in another day, even though we had agreed from the beginning that I wouldn’t need it, and even though I am booked every night until the wedding.

Brides- start fitting your dress two or three months before the wedding. Ignore what the store tells you because they will not be ready, and you will be panicking a week before you need to pick up your dress because it isn’t even close to being finished.

Now that I have ranted over the worldwide web, I feel a bit better. I’m not going to name names. I’m not that kind of person. I just needed to vent.

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  1. Aunt Doris says:

    Relax Krystal…everything WILL work out!

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