Tales of a Diamond Ring: Married Life

I’m sorry it’s been so long! I have been too busy BEING MARRIED to post anything. Actually, the problem is that I don’t know where to begin, so I have been putting it off. I guess I’ll start at the beginning. Makes sense, right? Here are my recent highlights.

  1. The wedding went perfectly. The thing they say about how everything will go wrong at your wedding is very untrue. The few small blunders we had were solved, and everyone had a blast. The photos were fun, the venues were beautiful, the bridal party (especially me) looked super incredible, and the food was delicious. Somehow people missed out on the cake, which is fine by me because now I have the top two tiers for our first anniversary, and most of the bottom tier for snacking on now. I’ll post some photos and give more details when I get them from the photographer.
  2. I think I will probably only ever stay at a Barcelo resorts from now on when I travel. Our trip to Cabo was great. We went on a snorkelling and kayaking excursion, but other than that we hung around the hotel. The food and views and our room were too perfect to leave. If there is an adult pool, use it. It’s so much quieter and a better place to meet new friends. My big advice- never use cheap sunscreen on your face.
  3. I love waking up every morning with my new husband. He makes me coffee and we have breakfast together even though he doesn’t start work until noon. I really love when in his sleep he rolls over to cuddle. I don’t mind that he doesn’t know he’s doing it. The fact that it’s subconscious is even cuter!
  4. Our apartment is a mess. Between not having drawers, both of us still moving in, and our recent trip, clothes are everywhere and I’m living out of a suitcase. We bought a few things that will hopefully fix this problem. He’s making our spare bedroom into a walk-in closet for me! It’s like in the Sex and the City Movie… but without Manolos.
Every girl's dream closet design. Too bad the shoes are missing.

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  1. Nelley says:

    when was your wedding date? I haven’t been following too closely cuz my summer’s been busy too. hee hee hee congrats and all the best and hurry up and post pictures already! how can I feel like i was there when i can’t even see the pics?? xoxo

    1. Milieu says:

      It was August 14. One month of married bliss!

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