Vancouver has two seasons- sprummer and fwinter. Also known as rainy season, and even more rainy season. We started fwinter out on a great foot by celebrating Thanksgiving in Whistler, and Whistler always puts me in a great mood. I could tell this fwinter was going to be a uniquely fantastic one. So far, I have been right. To be specific, this November is going to hold exciting things.

To begin with, I start a new job in a couple weeks. I’m very excited. We have 5 weeks of training! Normally I would run away scared because I have spent the majority of my life in school. Now, I can’t wait! I legitimately want to learn again. Strange how that works…

Second of all, my new husband and I are taking the next step by expanding our family… and adopting a kitty! We are getting him from the SPCA, and we hope to have him by the end of the week. I have to ask all of my readers a favour… Please don’t let me become a cat blogger. Not that there is anything wrong with blogging about your cat; it’s just not me. So don’t let me do it. I will, however, post a picture as soon as we get him!


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