Juara Candlenut Body Crème Review

Confession: I had to search Wikipedia to find out what candlenut oil and candlenuts were. (Other than people like me who have more candles than space in their little apartments!)

As I mentioned in my FabFitFun review, I got a full-size pot of Candlenut Body Crème by Juara, and I promised I would tell you more about it. I like to keep my promises!

The crème is smooth and silky as you apply it, and it smells divine! My skin tends to get dry in the winter, so this came at just the right time. I have been using it on the majority of my body since I received it on Christmas Eve, and I have about half of it left. Because it’s so luxurious and whipped, and not overly oily, I feel like I use more of it than I would a regular body butter. There are pros and cons to this; because I love the way the whipped creme (see what I did there?!) feels upon application.

My favourite part of this product is the staying power! My skin feels moisturised all day, and in the afternoon at work, I’ll suddenly get a waft of the sweet and  delicious aroma. Yum!


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