Crème Lipstick Review

I was in Forever 21 on the weekend and was perusing their impulse buy section. I came across the love & beauty by Forever 21 makeup. I thought to myself, “how often to I get to fall for the impulse buy and justify the purchase by saying it’s for the blog?” So I bought a Hydrating Crème Lipstick.


I anticipated that this was going to be my first negative makeup review, but the lipstick was only $4.90, so I decided it was worth it.

Plot twist: I don’t hate this lipstick! Woah. I know. I’m as shocked as you are.

Upon application, it felt soft, smooth, and creamy. I thought for sure that it wouldn’t last longer than 5 minutes. I let it sit on my lips a bit to settle before really putting it to the test.

Colour: Pass. Applies evenly and coats nicely without being overwhelming. I got the colour “nude,” but that’s an inaccurate name. It’s more of a brick colour. Very pretty. Not nude.
Job test: Pass. I work in a job where I have to talk a lot. Talking didn’t affect it at all.
Straw Test: Passed! Barely lost any, if at all.
Durability: Pass. It lasted 3 hours before it started to fade, and it kept going another hour after that before it started to annoy me. This included sips of water.
Feel Test: Pass, then fail, then pass again. I know, this doesn’t make sense. Hear me out. As I mentioned, it feels great when you apply it. After about 2 or 3 hours it starts to feel a bit dry. At least it doesn’t crack or anything. An additional application helps rehydrate. (I tried this on the second day of testing.) After it’s been removed my lips don’t feel as parched as they sometimes do with other lipsticks.
Food Test: Fail, but put in a valant effort. After eating my veggie burger there was a bit of pigment left, but not much. One thing I did like is that it faded evenly across my lips instead of flaking off in patches. I wouldn’t feel embarrassed if people saw me like this.
Coffee Test: Only barely passed. The amount of lipstick on the white cup was minimal. I’ve seen worse. I’ve also seen better.

That’s the lipstick mark!

Overall score: Pass! I actually want to go buy another colour!


See you soon!

❤ Milieu Kay


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