TOPBOX Vivierskin Review


In my January TOPBOX, one of the items I received was a sample (3.75 ml) of CE Peptides by Vivierskin. I’ll be honest, I have never heard of this company, let alone this product. I definitely did not know what a peptide was. There seems to be debate about whether there really are any benefits for the skin, or if it’s just hype.

In the name of science (and by science, I mean my blog,) I had to try it out.

As I have mentioned, my skin is being weird lately. Dry, but oily, and breaking out. I was hoping this “miracle serum” might help.

Wednesday Night: The instructions say to use 3 drops on your face, neck, and hands. There is no way 3 little drops can cover that much surface area. I had to use 5, and still didn’t feel like I got any on me. For the study, I did not apply any other products.

I noticed a weird smell. It reminded me of potato chips, without actually smelling like potato chips.

In the morning, my face felt dry because I hadn’t used my moisturizer.

Thursday Morning: Tried again after my shower. I applied the drops directly to my face instead of my palm to see if that helped. It kind of did, but was harder to do.

It still smells weird. I asked my husband to smell my face. He said it reminded him of freshly cut steel. Hmmm… that sounds scary.

After I let it settle a bit, I put my Dermalogica moisturizer on. Without moisturizer, makeup doesn’t apply as smoothly.

Thursday Night: I tried going with just the serum again. Did the smell get worse? My breakout seemed to be going down a little.

Friday Morning: I decided that this 3 drop rule was silly. My whole face wasn’t getting coverage. New plan! I put some moisturizer in my hand, applied drops to that and mixed them together. That worked much better.

The smell is still pretty terrible. For some reason, while driving, when the car got warmer, my face started to smell worse.

Friday Night: I used the same strategy with the moisturizer, plus I sprayed an essential oil on my face to try to mask some the smell. It has reached a point, where the smell is so unbearable it makes me nauseous.

Saturday Morning: I didn’t feel like being stinky or nauseous, so I passed on applying it.

Summary: I’m going to try adding a drop of essential oil into it. If that doesn’t help the smell, I am giving up on it. I don’t want my face to smell gross when there are so many better-smelling products out there.

It does seem to be helping my breakout. I really hope I can get passed the smell, because it seems like a great product. Plus, the full 30 ml bottles retail at about $181.09 CAD after tax. That makes my little sample bottle valued at about $22.64 CAD after tax. This product alone is almost double the cost of one of of TOPBOX. That’s pretty impressive!

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