Eyeko Mascara Review

People often ask what your can’t-live-without-it makeup item is. I have two. Concealer for under my eyes, and mascara. The problem is that I’m fairly picky about both. I currently have two main mascaras that I use, which I will discuss at a later date; but I love trying new ones.

In my TOPBOX, I received a mini Eyeko London Black Magic Drama & Curl Mascara. The full tubes go for $25 US. The minis are valued at about $10 US.

First Impression: Squeezy tube! No more wasted mascara! Yay!

The Brush: With all these plastic brushes, it’s nice to see a traditional brush. The curve is fun, and helps spread the lashes out more.

Colour: Fairly dark, but I generally like a bit darker. I like a real bold eyelash.

Coverage: It definitely lengthens and pulls the lashes up. I wish it added a bit more volume and thickness. The website claims you only need two coats, but I needed three. The smoothness must depend on my lashes, because sometimes there are zero clumps, and sometimes they go a little spidery. Overall, pretty good on the clump front, though.

Durability: Lasts a full day of work. Because I’m overly picky, I still sometimes add an extra swipe halfway through the day, but normal people won’t need to do this.

Sweaty Dance Class: Didn’t budge. It claims to be waterproof, and it is definitely sweatproof.

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