Nail Polish Galore!

Here’s a fun treat: I’m going to review THREE nail polishes in one post! I received one in my FabFitFun Box, one in my TOPBOX, and one from my mother-in-law that’s just really cool and needs to be reviewed.


The Polish

Left: Teeez Trend Cosmetics Chain of Stones Nail Lacquer in “Fireworks” $15 (I could not find Fireworks on the website, so it seems to be seasonal.)
Middle: Zoya Nail Polish in “Vanessa” $10
Right: Charming Charlie in “Confetti in her Hair” $6

I use shellac on my fingers, so I’m using my toes for this test. I did a little something different to each toe. I applied the polish Sunday morning.

Use ALL the colours!

The Test

From left to right: Vanessa with Fireworks and Confetti on top, two coats of Fireworks, two coats of Vanessa, two coats of Confetti, one coat of Vanessa. No base or top coats were used.

Monday Evening Update: These photos were actually from Monday. I’m not surprised that it looks basically the same as Sunday. Toes tend to last pretty well on me. I’m expecting them to stay at least decent until the weekend. I wore fuzzy socks and boots all day.

Wednesday Morning Update: The Confetti on my right foot is gone! It still seems to be going strong on my left foot, though. I did accidentally put a bit more on my right foot, so that’s probably why.

Thursday Morning Update: My left foot lost its Confetti too. That’s disappointing. I really like the look of this. I will need to try it with base and top coat.

Thursday Night Update: The one coat of Vanessa is fading.

Friday Night Update: The two coats of Vanessa have chipped and flaked off. There is about half on one toe and 3/4 on the other.

Sunday Morning Update: No change since Friday. It seems they are going to stay this way for a little while.

Wednesday Morning Update: Still the same. I’m surprised that the Vanessa that started chipping hasn’t gotten much worse.

My Opinions

Fireworks: Cute bottle. Cute Sparkles. Two coats still weren’t enough to get the level of sparkle I like though. I thought it might be better over a colour, but you can’t really see it over Vanessa. Maybe it’ll be better over a lighter colour.

Free of a bunch of things that are bad for us, including: Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde

Vanessa: Very cute colour! I love anything in the pink/ fuchsia family. One coat isn’t as bold in real life as it looks in the photo. Somehow it seems less shiny too. Who ever does one coat though? I just did it for the sake of trying it.

Confetti: I can’t get over how adorable this is. LOVE it. I have actually used it before, and (spoiler alert) it’s hard to get off! The colour on the confetti disappears and they each turn white, but I struggled to get them off.

Final Thoughts

Fireworks won the durability test by far. Vanessa stayed on pretty well under Fireworks and Confetti. I can’t wait to try Fireworks over a pretty pale pink! I will use Vanessa and Confetti when I know I don’t need it to last. A top or base coat should help Confetti, but I don’t think they will help Vanessa. It doesn’t seem to adhere to the nail. Now I get to try to remove sparkles. Wish me good luck!


My cat decided it would be fun to get in on my photoshoot. I think he was scared I would do his next. He IS better at mani-pedis than my female cat, though!


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