Review: Nova Scotia Fisherman Soap

As you may have seen in my February Topbox post, one of the items I received was the Nova Scotia Fisherman Sea Salt Soap. This product made me really excited because my family is from Nova Scotia! I really hoped it was as good as it should be!

It’s like the Atlantic Ocean was put into bar form and mailed to me. It’s vegan, paraben free, and infused with sea kelp.

It smells yummy and natural. My skin felt extra clean after I used it; you know when you’re in the shower and your skin literally squeaks? That happened. I tried it on my face just for experiment-sake, and it felt great. I also shaved with it. Love it! This is officially my new shaving cream.

Introducing my new rating system! I’ll give products a rating based on a five-lipstick scale.
I give this product 4 out of 5 lipsticks!

I really want to try more of their products! Like this Sea Salt N Caramel Lip Balm; because the package is adorable, and yum! Or this Salt-N-Sea Body Scrub!

NS Fisherman Lip Balm
Yum! Yes please! ❤

(PS: I’m not sure what happened, but this was scheduled to post and didn’t! Sorry for the delay!)

Update: As of April 1, 2016 the link to their Sea Salt Soap doesn’t seem to work. I’m not sure if this means it was discontinued, or if they’re sold out.

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