Review: Smashbox Primer

In all my years of using makeup, I have tried a few eye shadow primers, but never a foundation primer. I had heard great things about the Smashbox primers, but am a bit too frugal, and don’t generally wear foundation so didn’t feel it was worth the cost. When I got a mini one in my February Topbbox I was excited to try it out.

smashbox sample size

Because I don’t wear foundation, I decided to try it under my under-eye concealer and blush.

As I mentioned last week, I loved my How ‘Bout Them Apples cheek tint by theBalm. Guess what! It’s even better with this primer! The tint applied even more beautifully, and lasted longer.

As for how it works under concealer? Awesome. It helped fill in little lines and the concealer applied more smoothly and evenly.

I did notice that the wait time to let it settle before applying makeup was a little long. So I’ve started a routine where I apply the primer, start on my hair, then go back to my makeup.

I’m sold… and running out!

My score:
(Please note, this score may change as I try other primers. If anyone has recommendations of other ones to review, let me know!)

❤ Kay


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